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Plant Based Sushi

Our Story

Plushi is an online, zero waste, vegan sushi restaurant from Cape Town, South Africa. 

Through creative experimentation with vegan and asian cuisine, our aim is to uncover the very best plant based sushi and deliver it to your doorstep.

We will be releasing one new mystery roll every month containing an ingredient or combination of flavours that have not yet been explored.

Plushi stems from a love for sushi, culinary experimentation and sustainability.


Plushi for Planet


Veganism is the most sustainable diet. The production of plant based foods is a more efficient use of resources, as it requires less energy from fossil fuels as well as less land and water. Cutting meat and dairy out of your diet can reduce your dietary carbon footprint by up to 75%. For this reason all items on our platters are strictly vegan.

Plastic Free Packaging

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that every part of our packaging is 100% sustainable and plastic free. The inner divider is lined with PLA which is a moisture proof lining made entirely from plant based materials. This makes our entire box compostable. To minimise single use packaging, we have also designed the box in such a way that the inner divider is easily removed, leaving you with a conveniently sized, untouched cardboard box  - great for magazines, TV remotes, socks, spices or whatever else you'd like to use it for.


The jar is reusable and on our Instagram you can find a series of delicious and interesting ways to use your jar for fermentation, pickling and propagation to help us all minimise our waste at home. We will also provide a R10 credit for all jars returned so we can reuse them too. The stickers used on the lid of the jar are 100% biodegradable.


The serviettes provided are also 100% biodegradable and no water was used to produce them.

Zero Waste

Zero Waste is essentially the ability to leave no physical trace. Put simply it is being able operate without anything ending up in a landfill as 'waste'.

Therefore, our food waste is first minimised through creative use of whole vegetables before being made into compost and everything else is recycled. Our preorder system ensures we never over purchase certain ingredients and also means we are able to drop off all orders in the shortest route possible which minimises our carbon footprint.

We try our best to apply a zero waste mindset across all spheres of our operation - for example we avoid fast fashion by upcycling old garments into uniforms and aprons and we have also designed our packaging to be reusable.