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A community home for sustainability 



To make it easier and more enjoyable for the conscious community of Cape Town to gather, communicate, host, exchange ideas and grow together by providing a space open to collaboration, connection and community spirit 


If we are open for pick-ups, we are open for hang-outs. Feel free to pop in for lunch during our usual kitchen hours Wednesday - Friday (1OhOO-17hOO) or Saturday-Sunday (1OhOO-14hOO)



From December 2O21 we will be open to all and any events which align with our core values - from fundraisers to awareness drives, brand launches/birthdays and so on. We will also be doing our own events from time to time spanning from informational talks and workshops to disco boogies and jazz nights

Found Objects 

Every item/feature in the HQ is either a found object or up-cycled from one. Look out for the posters explaining where an item was found and/or how it came to find its new life


Arts & Culture

Art can come in many different shapes and forms - we like to treat our Plushi as art but we also want to immerse ourselves in all sorts of weird and wonderful art on an ever-changing basis - so look out for our revolving art wall to see what we currently have on exhibition

Want to use Plushi HQ for your event?