What's on your platter this February?

Ceasar Roll (6 piece)

Maki roll with saki-soaked shitake mushrooms and romaine lettuce, topped with crispy onions, croutons and a cashew nut based caesar dressing

Tofu Crunch Rock 'n Roll  (8 piece)

California roll with crispy tofu, avo and pickled red cabbage, topped with ginger-lime mayo, sweet chili and more crispy tofu

Crab Salad Inari (4 piece)

Inari topped with a jackfruit 'crab' salad.

Matcha Milktart (2 piece)

Sweet, crispy, gluten-free pastry, filled with a plant-based matcha custard, with a hint of cinnamon and a sprinkle of spirulina

Mystery Roll  (8 piece)

Our monthly mystery... Details of which will only be released on the menu you receive with your platter

Suitable for 2-3 people

R440 including delivery

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