Platter of the Week

Shimeji's Garden (6 piece)

Shimeji mushroom 3 ways with carrot needles, spring onion and coriander, wrapped in seaweed, topped with miso-mayo and vegan caviar

Dragon Egg Roll (8 piece)

Quinoa speckled dragon roll wrapped with eggplant, filled with tempura exotic mushrooms, tenderstem broccoli and carrots, topped with teriyaki, spring onions , crispy carrot skins and seven spice

Tofu Crunch (8 piece)

California roll with crispy tofu, avo, and pickled red cabbage, topped with ginger-lime mayo, sweet chili and more crispy tofu

Beetroot Brownie (2 piece)

Decadent grain-free chocolate beetroot brownie with dark chocolate chunks, topped with beetroot powder and candied beets


Mystery Roll  (4 piece)

Our monthly mystery... Details of which will only be released on the menu you receive with your platter

Suitable for 2-3 people

R390 excluding delivery